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A Trifecta of What’s Best on the Box for Sunday 30 September 2018

Today’s Number One Film: The Imitation Game, 4.30pm Cinemax BEST FILM OF THE DAY. Watch this if you liked The Theory of Everything, The King’s Speech or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. A front-running contender for the Best Screenplay Ever Written – it deservedly won the 2015 Oscar – this masterful biography of Alan Turing, the man who in World War II invented the computers we all rely on today, runs backwards and forwards in time to explain, not just the sheer firetrucking size of his achievement

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​Patriot of the Patriotism Month

IS ONLY because I is “De Bess” true Trini patriot which it could ever have whereby I’m only now writing a Patriotism Month column, four days after it done; in fact, this is my patriotic campaign to replace the national motto of, “Discipline, Production & Tolerance” with the much more better, “Day Late & Dollar Short”; I is a true-true Trini patriot and I lacks the grammars to prove it. The only thing more green than the knowledge I brings to bears on anything I talks ‘bout is my verbs and them.

And eef anybody only boldface enough to say I shoulda write this Patriotism Month column last Friday, when we was still in Patriotism Month, check out they colour and you go see they only crying me down becaw they black/Indian/red/white or becaw I went and live in Barbados.

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TT Film Fest Film of the Day for Tuesday 25th September

Today’s film is:

Black Hair (Gabriella Bernard + Miquel Galofre/ 2018/ Trinidad & Tobago / Documentary short / 20 mins/ All ages) 6pm Screen 4, MovieTowne San Fernando.


protagonist is credited as co-director, along with multiple

TTFF-winner, Miquel Galofre, of what might be the most talked about film

of the festival – even if the bit most talked about might not be in the

cut shown, probably because the filmmakers do not have the rights to

that portion of the film.Certainly there was enough of a national debate

over “black hair” and its harsh chemical “relaxing” for the discussion

to be taken to the TV Six Friday night television news.

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TT Film Fest Film of the Day for Monday 24th September

Today’s film is:

The Strange Luck of VS Naipaul (Adam Low/ 2008/ UK / Documentary / 78 mins/ PG-13) 8.30pm Screen 7, MovieTowne Port of Spain Q+A; also screens simultaneously at Screen 4, MT San Fernando.


an ill wind that blows no one any good and the substantial loss to the

writing and thinking world that was the death last August of the

greatest writer Trinidad ever birthed has at least resulted in the

re-screening at this years TT Film Fest of Adam Low’s 2008

made-for-television documentary

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TT Film Fest Film of the Day for Sunday 23rd September

Today’s film is:

Breaking the Silence (Miquel Galofre/ 2018/ Trinidad & Tobago / Documentary short / 61 mins/ PG) 8.30pm MovieTowne TOBAGO SCREENS AGAIN TOMORROW WITH Q+A at 1pm, Sc 8 MovieTowne Port of Spain.


the last five years, Miquel Galofre, who comes from Barcelona via

Belmont, has made or co-authored half-a-dozen outstanding documentaries,

notably Songs of Redemption (with Amanda Sans), a jaw-droppingly powerful film about the redemptive power of music, even in Jamaica’s toughest prison and Art Connect, a serious documentary that brought laughter back to children

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