A Trifecta of What’s Best on the Box

Last week’s exceedingly trying circumstances continue: my trusted 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro has gone the way of all circuitry, it seems (though I still hold out hope for sourcing a new logic board somewhere); and the computer I’m borrowing needs some kind of fidget to allow me to access my backed up files. That translates into a second week of a different format, forced upon us by the circumstances. So, like last week, BC on TV takes the form (hopefully, for the last time today) of a straightforward declaration of what I think are the three best films of the day and a list of options, though I have tried, this week, to bring in the usual genre listing for the Also Rans.

Although it’s not a “genuine” movie channel, Edge screens, back-to-back, all the Daniel Craig James Bonds, starting with Casino Royale at 12.44 midday, followed by Quantum of Solace, 3.27pm, Skyfall, 5.27pm and Spectre 8.11pm.

It’s fairly easy to name Martin Scorsese’s great work, Taxi Driver (4.25pm FoxClas), the BEST FILM OF THE DAY but really difficult to say which of the many fine films in contention deserve second place. Because it so rarely screens, the classic original version Glenn Ford Western (3.10 to Yuma, 6.25pm Fox Classic) just gets the nod ahead of the great modern silent film (The Artist, 12 midday Prmt).

So that’s the trifecta, but it was pulled from a series of photo-finishes that included Danny Boyle at, or very near, his best (Slumdog Millionaire, 2pm Prmt), the Gene Hackman/Roy Schneider police crime classic with the chase scene that would make anyone’s Top Three list (The French Connection 9.40am FoxClas) and a breakthrough horror that anyone who knew London of the 70s would love, as much for the memories of old Leicester Square as the film itself (An American Werewolf in Paris, 10.25am HBOP).

The Also Rans are equally impressive.

Action/Adventure: *The Shallows (Creatuer Horror), 6pm HBOP.

Arthouse/Independent: 25th Hour (Spike Lee Drama), 10.05am ISat; *Stranger Than Fiction, 2.50pm Film; Kid Blue, 9.25pm, FoxClas.

Biography/Documentary: Trumbo, HBOS, 4.22pm he Soloist, 2.05pm ISat.

Comedy: *Keanu (Action-Crime-Thriller), 9.15pm MaxP.

Family/Animated: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, 10.10am MaxU.

Drama: *Room (Crime-Thriller), 7pm HBOC.

Foreign: Intouchables (French Bio-Drama), 9pm Stun.

Horror: Final Destination 2, 9pm Max.

Sci-fi/Fantasy: *LOTR1: The Fellowship of the Ring, 9am HBO2.

Thriller: The Sixth Sense (Spooky Horror), 1.45pm MaxP.

War: Kelly’s Heroes, 9.35am Spac.

Western: The Hateful 8 (Quentin Tarantino), 2.03pm HBO2.

*Starred films have been picked before.