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​Minshall’s Angel v Moscow Mitch

TRINIDAD’S MINSH, Peter Minshall, the original masman, christened President Barack Obama “an angel” in his first term and, while Minsh has never got a Carnival King at all wrong, he clearly didn’t get President Obama completely right: you do not gain the White House without being at least a devil of a dealmaker.

Barack Obama was and remains far from perfect.
But the darkest, seamiest, most distressing and frightening aspect of Barack Obama’s character would be as a shining light in the soul of the fat ignorant rogue mountebank miscreant charlatan racist misogynist moron who replaced him.
Fat Nixon is the lowest life form I’ve ever seen occupy high office; in the natural order, the farthest a pasty fat slug like him would ever get would be the underside of a rock in your garden. (Come on, BC, don’t hold back, let your readers really know how you feel about Trump.) Fat Nixon is the benchmark for corrupt wannabe dictators. On the day after he sidestepped the Mueller Report (through the machinations of a corrupt puppet he installed to do his bidding as Fake AG), he tried to bully the Ukrainian President, the way he tries to bully everyone, to do whatever he wants. Trump makes even his Svengali and principal love interest, Vladimir Putin, look like a saint, in comparison.
But he’s facing competition for the lowest-of-the-low from the man for whom contempt is too positive an opinion in which to hold him.
Moscow Mitch.
MSNBC’s Morning Joe host, Joe McCarthy, branded the US Senate leader with the most deserving moniker since Bill Maher called Trump “Fat Nixon”.
Right now, Moscow Mitch is doing both the bidding and the world’s best imitation of Vladimir Putin.
Putin, in the furtherance of his own narrow, fleeting interests, foists hatred permanently at home in Russia - of LGBT people, of women, of pop groups, of anyone who opposes him. Putin would scorch Russian earth and salt Russian fields himself, if he thought it would benefit him.
Moscow Mitch is today dismantling American democracy to give a corrupt, undeserved, unfair, illogical and — if tested in the Supreme Court, likely to be illegal — advantage to Fat Nixon.
Now not even Moscow Mitch’s mother would accuse him of being a man of either honour or principle. He boasted that one of his proudest moments was the day he — illegally — deprived President Obama of appointing Justice Merrick Garland to the US Supreme Court.
Moscow Mitch’s standards are not low; they do not exist at all.
Still, the open declaration that he was working with the White House to ensure that Fat Nixon would not be convicted at his impeachment trial was enough, you would think, to make him choke.
If he didn’t have enough room, in that ample turkey neck, which he developed by swallowing his pride and manhood and fixing the trial of a man he knows to be guilty as sin.
Moscow Mitch represents, indeed, personifies, the thinking that justified slavery and the Jim Crow years.
And, incidentally, clearly committed perjury when he swore to deliver impartial justice, the same act for which he impeached Bill Clinton.
Moscow Mitch is rigging a “trial” that will do its best to come to its premeditated determination to free a guilty man by denying witnesses and evidence itself.
If you want to plumb this hypocrisy, consider how Moscow Mitch would react if, in his last term, President Obama avoided a damning report into his obstruction of justice because he put in the office of attorney-general a shameless sycophant who broke the law to protect him.
Imagine, the day after he sidestepped justice, that President Obama telephoned a world leader — let’s say, the Nigerian president — and asked him to announce that Obama’s political rival, John McCain (or even Mitt Romney), was behind every Nigerian fraud scheme and he had personally sent McCain/Romney $750B he had stolen from oil companies.
What would Moscow Mitch do?
He would work as hard to deny the obvious lies behind the obvious frame of the innocent Obama as he is now to protect the equally obviously guilty Trump.
Ask yourself if America has progressed at all, if it’s so easy to rig a case to allow a rich white crook to get off Scot-free.
And how easy it is to imagine a black man, even the president, to be openly lynched.
And say a prayer for Moscow Mitch.
That there is no God.
Or Hell.

BC Pires is singing that the sun never shines bright in Moscow Mitch’s black Kentucky heart

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