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Fat Abu Bakr

Picture courtesy Mark Lyndersay - without Trumps headFOR FOUR YEARS, I’ve been telling his brainless Trinidadian apologists that Fat Nixon, that morbidly obese, treasonous squatter in the Oval Office, was setting up to transform himself into Fat American Hitler but I was wrong; we found out on Wednesday that he was aiming, all along, to become Fat American Abu Bakr, the man who led Trinidad’s 1990 coup attempt.

On Wednesday, all over the world we watched scenes on our televisions that our experience told us to interpret as somewhere in Africa, illiterate thugs, loyal to their warlord, swarming across city streets, yet another coup in one more banana republic– but it was Washington, DC; and the rebel forces storming the US Capitol were made up of Duck Dynasty extras.

Already, the vermin are crawling out of the woodwork, Republicans pretending to be in shock that this could happen here – as if 140 of them hadn’t helped precipitate it by objecting to the certification of the election of Joe Biden! Ted Cruz, that jackass, will make as eef nobody could have seen it coming – but I called it last week! From firetrucking Barbados! If Cruz hadn’t wrapped Trump’s bovine-excreta up in a formal US Senate process, Trump would not have had the toehold from which he could have sicked his mob on the Capitol.

For four years, Fat Abu Bakr has made no attempt to hide that the only difference between him and the dictators in Hungary, Turkey and Russia was that they’d already got what he fantasised over. Since 2016, Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time, has been warning that Trump would not leave.

And, since the early morning of 4 November, Trump has openly tried to overturn the election he lost.

How can anyone be surprised by anything this ignorant, self-obsessed, uncaring jackass does? If, on 2 January, he gets away with threatening the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia – indeed, gains more idiots in Congress willing to back up his Q-A-Nonsense conspiracy theories – why shouldn’t he try a little coup attempt on 6 January?

So, all-you don’t come telling me you’re shocked when he declares martial law or launches a nuclear attack on Iran, if he thinks it will help him stay in the White House and/or out of the Big House.

Writer and political analyst, John Heilemann, pointed out on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that everything Trump says is either confession or projection. And, if you Ecosia it (don’t Google it, plant a tree), you will see that, in the last days of President Obama’s second term, Trump had his girdle in a twist because Trump was genuinely concerned that President Obama would attack Iran, because he was a lame duck who’d run out of ideas.

Which was both confession and projection and means that lame duck Trump desperately wants to attack Iran (though he could not have run out of ideas, never having had one before; men like him don’t have ideas, just impulses).

In the last several weeks, Fat Nixon has dumped all the civilian leaders of the US military structure and installed his flunkies in their posts.

And he still has the nuclear codes.

This isn’t opinion.

On Monday this week, all ten former US Secretaries of State who are alive put their names to a Washington Post op-ed warning against involving the US military in the US election results.

This is fact.

Wednesday shows us there is no line he will not cross, not even insurrection against the state he purports to lead. He will do far worse, if he thinks it will work out a titch better for him, unless he is impeached promptly – which he should be, for what was a deliberate act of treason, or at least sedition, on Wednesday; but which he won’t be, because there is not a single pair of cojones in the entire Republican Congress.

Even after President Biden called on him to speak out against the insurrection he sparked, he started his ostensible appeal for calm by repeating his blatant lie that the election had been stolen from him!

If there is no Republican in Congress who will tell him the election was “stolen” from him by a margin of five million votes, who is going to tell him he can’t arrest or nuke his enemies?

There are 11 long days left.

Anyone who thinks he won’t burn everything down to make himself a piece of toast between now and 20 January shouldn’t be trusted with scissors.

BC Pires is amazed that people can’t see Trump, no matter how often and how plainly he reveals himself. The treasonous fat firetruck. With great thanks to Mark Lyndersay for the source 1990 Abu Bakr photograph that has become the image of the coup

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