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Not Yet Checkmate for Fat Nixon Pigeon

THE OLD adage about chess with a pigeon never had a better application than to Donald J (for Jackass) Trump. “You should never play chess with a pigeon,” the saying goes, “because all the pigeon does is knock over all the pieces, defecate on the board and then walk around flapping its wings and boasting that it won.”

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oversight Group, which plays an independent mas, extended the ban on Donald J for Jackass, T for Treason, Trump for another six months.


Like the pandemic, like the anti-vaxxers and covid-deniers, Trump, Fat Nixon, Fat Abu, fat lot of no good, just doesn’t seem like he’s going away. Even after the comprehensive cut-ass he booked for himself through his covid crisis incompetence, he stood up like a chupidee begging for money, not mercy.

He may have collected perhaps billions by now through fleecing the poorest of his supporters and taking money for himself that was meant for the Republican party. Fat Nixon/Abu managed to parlay his innate impulse to break everything and stamp on everyone into perhaps enough of his poor, stupid supporters’ money to buy his way out of his own financial troubles.

He described the January 6th insurrection he provoked from planning to near-putsch, as patriots hugging police officers.

After his cut-ass in November, he hid like the coward he is in the White House and pretended his deserved humiliation was really a great victory.

And, with the complete contempt that only the rich man’s son, spoiled from birth, can hold for everyone else, especially the poor, he declared that the fairest, most transparent election in American history that had been so clearly and overwhelmingly won by President Joe Biden had been stolen from him.

And then the people he filled with hate, so that he could get power and money, fell in behind him and, morons to a man, declared they believed the most see-through blatant lie in history.

We watched from our supposed banana republics as American elected officials wiped their posteriors with the American constitution and brown-nosed the most despicable man alive.

It’s impossible to think of a more contemptible man than Trump who has not (yet) been convicted of serious crimes. Morally bankrupt, stupid as a rock, proud of his ignorance, certain of his ability to stoke anger, fear and hatred in almost anyone, he tore through the Republican party like it was wet toilet paper.

And, given the opportunity, he will do the same with American democracy itself.

Democracy and the rule of law are fragile concepts. It took thousands of years to get to the point where most of us were willing to try to make it work for a couple of centuries.

It can end within our lifetimes.

And, if it ends in America, it will end in the Caribbean.

Already, the masses all over the world, the only chance any democracy has, have been coopted.

All the people who should be watching Trump like a month in jail have been tricked into wasting their time and energy arguing over minutiae of vaccine efficacy – and ignoring firetrucking covid itself!

And this is why Trump creates chaos: because, in even a vaguely ordered system, a man like him would have no chance. He would be recognised as the charlatan he is, once there is a little bit of peace and quiet.

So the Oversight Board decision on Wednesday was very good for everyone but Trump.

To let him back on to the world stage is to invite a man with a pigeon-sized brain to scatter the pieces of the world chessboard and to defecate on us all, and everything worth fighting for over the last 2000 years.

And he’s scrambling to do it.

In the next few days or weeks, the Grand Ole Pack of Jokers will remove the only Republican in Congress with any cojones – Liz Cheney – and replace her with a Trump ass-licker.

Setting the stage for the return of the Jackass.

With luck, he might die before he can do more harm.

But the harm he’s done already will take much longer to sort out than the six month-reprieve the Facebook oversight board has granted us.

So start writing Facebook now.

Because his ignorant minions already are.

And Facebook cares about only its own money and power.

And we’re in trouble now.

Because the barbarians are not at the gates.

They’re in the firetrucking Capitol.

BC Pires is a stander by innocence

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