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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

​Me Alone Again Naturally Terrific

13 November 2018

Deer Dairy

Everything I did for those Republican losers and they can’t even keep the House! I win them the Senate with my exhaustingly trips all over the country – 72 rallies in six days, Deerest Dairy, just me winning everything for them with my grandly speaking and bestly words, making every nationalist proud, like me – and they lose the House!!!! HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME THE DEMO RATS WILL PUBLISH MY TAX RETURNS NOW!!!! I all ways get what I want except when I have to rely on others. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT ALL BY MYSELF???? Fighting against so many losers, French losers, lost TWO WORLD WARS AND STILL SUCKING ANGRY-FACED MERKEL’S TIT AND KISSING GERMAN ASS!!! Little French zero. How do you say “zero” in France language? Douchebag? He’s a nothing but WHOSE HAND DID HE THINK HE WAS SHAKING I DO THE POWER SHAKE NOT YOU LITTLE FRENCH FAGGOT I WILL FIRE YOU LIKE SESSIONS WHAT KIND OF SHITHOLE A-G DOESN’T PROTECT HIS BOSS? What kind of shithole electorate doesn’t vote for me? NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE WORLD LIKE ME THAT IS WHY I HAVE TO BUILD THE WALL TO HIDE MY INCOME TAX RETURNS!!!! If I tied the Demo Rats up with the wall, will they have time to impeach me? I WILL FIRE THEM ALL LIKE I FIRED JIM FAKE NEWS!!!! We should take the letters C, N and N out of the alphabetical! THERE IS NO COLLUSION. Not counting real estate deals BUT HOW DO YOU BUILD A TRUMP TOWER WITHOUT COLLUDING WITH PEOPLE???? I’d like to see Baboon Obama build a Baboon Tower just by himself. Baboon “H” Obama, zeig heil TERRIBLE THING THEY DID TO THOSE BOYS AT THAT SCHOOL they were just happy I won. TIME FOR TRUMP YOUTH!!!! Want to celebrate the end of World War I? How about celebrating the start of WORLD WAR THREE???? First thing, Deerest Dairy, is YOU HAVE TO MAKE A SPLASH. Never mind about which losers get wet.

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