The 2016 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

The 11th Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival runs on two screens in MovieTowne Port of Spain, one in Tobago and at the University of the West Indies and COSTATT campuses.

Film writer, BC Pires, will be picking a Film of the Day every day. Pires sat on the first TT Film Fest Jury and wrote the Judge’s Report and has been the Youth Jury’s mentor since its inception in 2014. A different film will be picked every day, and other worthwhile films mentioned. Because of the limitations of programming schedules, the film of the day may not necessarily be the “best” one. Films with an * have been or will be daily picks.

The 2016 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival runs from 20-27th September. You can view the full festival calendar here

BC Pires has been writing about film from an informed lay perspective since March 1988. He served on the first Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival jury in 2009 and wrote the Jury’s Report.

And Today’s Film Pick is….

​The Cutlass

The Cutlass (Darisha Beresford/ 2016/ Trinidad & Tobago/ Adventure-Crime-Drama-Thriller/ 106 mins/ English/ Rated 16+) 6pm Screen 2, MovieTowne, Port of Spain Q+A.

The second-strongest Trinidad & Tobago fiction narrative feature (after Play the Devil) of this year’s festival, The Cutlass has a great deal going for it.

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A Monster with a Thousand Heads

A Monster with a Thousand Heads (Rodrigo Pia/ 2015/ Mexico/ Crime-Drama-Psychological Thriller/ 74 mins/ Spanish with English subtitles/ Rated 18+) 9pm Screen 1, MovieTowne, Port of Spain Q+A BEST FILM OF THE DAY; screens again 8.30pm 27 September Screen 2, MT POS.

Probably the best film in the festival, and certainly the best one available for preview/review, A Monster with a Thousand Heads is as good as cinema gets, anywhere:

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